The creation of the National Observatory of Education and Training

A group of research professors and educational actors, from different fields of knowledge and educational and training institutions, decided to create an autonomous associative framework with the name: The National Observatory of the Education and Training System.
This observatory is the result of a deep and responsible debate between the members of this group taking into account: speeches of King Mohamed VI about the educational system throughout the last twenty years, reports and opinions of constitutional institutions on the same subject, headed by the Higher Council for Education and Training, the National Council for Human Rights, the Competition Council, the Planning Delegation, the positions taken by certain political and social organizations on the deplorable state of our education system because of repeated decisions made over and over again, which is the only rule of conduct in regard to many questions inherent to all levels of the national education system.

The creation of this Observatory comes from the will of the group gathered to contribute through analysis, action and debate to improving the quality of our educational system in all levels.
The encouragement of individual and institutional initiatives aimed at a genuine reform of the education system with all its components: pupils, students, civil servants, teachers, methodologies, syllabi, reception and training conditions, employability and integration into the labor market with skills required, sense of responsibility and citizenship.
The founding group of the Observatory sees these actions as a necessary lever to promote our country towards decisive choices generating real progress at the social, economic, scientific and political levels. This leverage is also able to allow a strong involvement in the new development project of Morocco of the 21st century in order to rise to the same rank of developed countries.
Otherwise, the framework law is an ambitious project which requires the renewal of pedagogical practices, in terms of objectives and aims, to ensure a modern and quality public education involving the responsibility of all institutions, groups and individuals in a renewable contractual framework, through taking into account the need to provide some answers to the question: what education and training is suitable to children and young people today in Morocco?
It is worth considering that the Observatory is a citizen framework that listens to all areas, all disciplines, all aspects (positive and negative) of the educational system.
The founding members of the Observatory aim to work on all the problems of the educational system in a rational, objective and constructive spirit, driven solely by the desire to contribute to the promotion of this system, and privileging the exploitation of just and reliable information.
The Observatory’s policy of action advocates openness to all bodies and institutions, experts and professionals whose focus is the problems of the education and training system, whatever the types and levels are. Nevertheless, the ultimate target is to bring out a new spirit of work in common, able to meet the challenges of innovation of our educational system and make it a vehicle for building the values of rights and duties, progress and democracy, modernity and citizenship.
The members of the founding group of the Observatory are:
– Mohammed Darouiche: President
– Abdelkrim Madoune: Vice President in charge of Higher Education and Scientific Research
– Abderrahman Tenkoul: Vice President for Higher Education and Scientific Research
– Zohra Lhioui: Vice President of Arts and humanities
– Mohamed Assidi: Vice President for Languages and Humanities
– Benyounes El Marzougui: Vice President for Legal and Legislative Affairs
– Maârouf El Bakkay: Vice President, Scientific and Technical Affairs
– Fouad Ammor: Vice President in charge of economic and management issues
– Ahmed Hajri: Vice President in charge of medicine and pharmacy. Treasurer.
– Hassan Barkia: Vice President in charge of information and communication. Vice treasurer
– El Moussaoui El Ajlaoui: Vice President for International Relations
– Mohamed Lachheb: Vice President in charge of National Education Issues
– Ahsan Al Meskini: Vice President in charge of National Education Issues

On the behalf of the Observatory, Mohammed Darouiche

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